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Nathan Rehm, LCSW, OIX
(OI Expert)

I provide online Organic Intelligence services to motivated seekers of healing and growth so they can achieve relief from mental and emotional distress, access more energy, and discover meaning for their lives.

How Can I Help You?

My vision from the start of my clinical education in 2009 was to become a consistent, compassionate, and competent healer. My years of dedication to my personal and professional development have led to academic excellence, certifications in several rigorous therapeutic training programs, and formal recognition for my session work in clinical settings. More importantly, it has enabled me to meet my clients in their process with reliable success. I love the work I do. I consider it an honor to hear both the challenges my clients face, as well as the positive changes they are noticing in their relationships, emotions, and energetic capacity.

Something Truly Different

Organic Intelligence is positive, gentle, body-led, and truly unique. OI uses complexity science as a lens of understanding and facilitating change. OI has gained a reputation for effectively addressing “resistant” anxiety, depression, stress from overwhelming events, and more…

I believe all seekers of healing and growth deserve expert help that is:

-safe with unconditional acceptance

-attuned to the wisdom of the human body that self-organizes

-free from a provider’s focus on what’s “wrong” and agendas

-consistently helpful, flexible, and confident

Colleague Testimonials

Nathan has extensive expertise, masterful skill, and a luminous heart!...I cannot recommend him highly enough.​
Hannah, M.Ed.
Nathan has a kind and compassionate heart. He has a thorough understanding of trauma and many healing modalities.
Pamela, SEP
Count your lucky stars if you happen to cross his path professionally or personally.
Sally, Psy.D
Wonderful individual on an even more wonderful mission.
Ryan, Creative Media Professional

“There is nothing like looking if
you want to find something.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien

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