What is Organic Intelligence®?

The Organic Intelligence (OI) clinical protocol suggests that, from a systems perspective, what’s wrong with therapy is the focus on what’s wrong…

Organic Intelligence brings a necessary shift in perspective from pathology and trauma to the proven methods drawn from the wisdom of mindfulness and the science of self-organization.”

-Steve Hoskinson, OI Founder. 

This quote is from the Organic Intelligence Website where you can read further.

Video: Stable & Unstuck

The “End of Trauma Course” that Steve mentions in this video is found here. The End of Trauma Course is a course I absolutely recommend. I do not financially benefit from any registrations as a result of my sharing about it here.

The Science Behind the Support

“…From our complexity science perspective, we know that under the right conditions our biology becomes auto-organizing (that means self-organizing)… 

Auto-organization happens when I find the signals from my own biology. That is the signal for self-reorganization, for auto-reorganization, for auto-balancing. And those messages come through the Image channel, they come through the Sensation channel, they come through Orientation, they come to the Meaning channel, they come through the Affect channel…

I would suggest to get a hold of an OI Practitioner… and then really let them provide this reflection to you about what is the signal coming from your biology that’s going to be self-supporting.”

-Steve Hoskinson

These quotes are from the YouTube video “What is Organic Intelligence®?” below (1 Hour).

I have studied with Steve since 2017, passionately and consistently pursuing both the mental understanding as well as the personal experience of OI. Consider me a resource for you. If you’d like, we can chat a bit about OI during your free consult.

Spontaneous Synchronization (1 min)

Click play and “wait for it.” 

That synchronization is what bodies can do with the right support. 

Suffering is the experience of de-synchrony.

Re-synching of the biology means healing from anxiety, depression, stress from overwhelming events, and more.